Thursday, 22 August 2013

August update

OK so it’s been awhile, I have to say that the last couple of months fishing has been very slow for me. I have not been out much at all due to being very busy at work and at home, and when I have been out the fishing has been very slow. Which just the odd fish per trip.

Still better signs now, for one I am nearly over my busy work period and two the fishing has been picking up  pretty much everywhere in the last couple of weeks and also water temps are back up to normal for the time of year. Perhaps this year has finally caught up with itself and we can look forward to a productive autumn…I live in hope

In terms of the fishing, I fished the Cornish Lure Festival again this year, with Mediterranean temperatures and flat calm seas it was hard going all round and I didn’t land a shore caught bass through the entire weekend! In fact very few decent bass were caught and in all honesty, I should have concentrated on fishing through the night which would have given me a much better chance. Lesson learnt for next year though.

I did spend a few hours out with my brother in his boat on the Saturday though, were I proved the value of lures V bait, landing about a dozen Pollack to 8lb and a 4lb bass whereas the guys fishing live mackerel blanked!

Onto to this weekend just past, and I headed back down to my normal Dorset lump of rock, and for the first time for the year the water felt alive, the water was full of bait fish and I getting plucks and tugs from Gars on virtually every chuck. In total I managed three bass, the first off the top on a small patchinko, and then a couple after dark on a savagear sandeel. My normal after dark lure (Komomo II in JFP)  had unusually not resulted in any action but as soon as I switched over I have two in quick succession, one of them a really nice fat 61cm fish that went like a train on its first run.  To be honest I feel I should have caught more than three but once I had the biggest fish I was happy enough to head home.

The only other thing of note is a new bag! Not the most sexy of tackle products I know but I had been looking for ages for a sling style bag which was big enough to hold enough gear/clothes and food for an all day session. My search was ended by discovering the fantastic maxpedition range of kit. I opted for the Kodiak bag which is perfect for me… will easily swallow two or three lure boxes and all the kit I could wish to take. It’s not cheap at around £120 but it is built like a tank so I’m sure I’ll get many years good service from with no more broken zips or split seams! Highly recommended or you could consider the smaller stika bag which is more like the snowbee bag for size.

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