Monday, 3 September 2012

1st September - Some days they just don't want it...

I fished Dorset on Saturday afternoon, and endured what must have been my most frustrating lure session ever. Conditions were nice with an overcast sky, lightish winds and a small clean swell rolling in. I arrived pretty much on low water and fished the tide up for 5 hours.
During the first four hours I had countless fish follow my lure, including a couple of really decent ones but whatever I did I could not induce a take. I went through my entire soft and hard lure collection, fished at all speeds from just drifting in the current to cranked in at warp speed but they just wouldn’t take it.

As it went into evening I started to get the odd gently pluck, but still nothing too firm before I finally snagged one on a Savagear Sandeel. Even this fish had about 4 attempts before it was eventually hooked.
Then that was it, it may have improved had I stayed into darkness but I was fished out by this point so headed home to think about what I’d done wrong.

I’ve still not figured this out though, I saw more fish and bait activity today than I had ever seen previously here but I guess they just weren’t that switched on.
I’m one fish short of last year’s total now…so hopefully I’ll beat it soon. The forecast is set fair for a week or so now so I should get down to my “big fish” mark over the weekend….hopefully it will live up to my billing!

Oh yeah, I also managed to catch a Pollack that was quite honestly, smaller than the lure it took…what was it thinking??!!