Friday, 21 October 2011

Dorset 15th Oct

My first trip out for a while last Saturday, recovering from my knee injury, busy at work and family duties have all been conspiring against me for a few weeks, so Saturday afternoon was some welcome relief and on a warm bright sunny Autumn afternoon and I headed down to Dorset.

I couldn't make up my mind where to go to be honest, so I let fate decide and the toss of coin landed on heads and I headed east.

I arrived a low water, there were a few others in the area which is unusual to be honest, as I rarely see other anglers at this mark (is that a bad sign?!) but with a mile or so of rocks and boulders there was plenty of room for all.

Today was about relaxing and getting out, as with the weather as lovely as it was, it did not look condusive for great bass I was pleasently pleased when this hit my feed shallow after an hour or so.....

I fished on after this, full of renewed confidence but only managed a couple of small pollack so with the light fading, I packed up and headed for a welcome pint in the pub by the beach rather than carry on into darkess.....Fishing in such fantastic Autumn weather made this one of my most enjoyable trips of the year. Sometimes it's just about getting out....not catching lots of fish