Monday, 15 April 2013

Winter update....April 2013

Well what a winter is has been….it seems that ever since January we have had constant easterly winds and really cold weather… and this has made for the latest arrival of spring that I can remember. Still there are now signs that things are on the up at last, the winds have shifted around to SW and it’s almost starting to feel warm.
The sea temperature is still way too low though, 7.3 degrees today but that’s a whole degree higher than this time last week so hopefully within a few weeks we will get to that magic 10 figure!

The net result of all this cold weather is that I have not even considered going lure fishing yet…by this time last year I had already had several trips and caught 6 bass…this year not a chance so far but it can’t be far off now surely. I have to admit that with the sudden end to my season last year, and the late start to this one it has been six months since I last caught a bass on a lure (from the shore) and I am itching to get back out there again.
Still, I have not been totally idle during this period; I managed to get my first bait trip in for two years…two of them in fact! Both trips were to Chesil in search of plaice, the first at the beginning of March was hard going and I had just had one small fish, the second a week or so ago was more like it, and with the first warm day of the year I winkled out four plaice, no great size to any of them but after bass I think plaice are my favourite fish to catch so that counts as a pretty good session in my book.

I’ve also been rod building again, inspired by last years Red Dragon rebuild I have invested in a couple of battered Daiwa TDXS133pm’s to rebuild. I’ve also bought a rod dryer and made a rod wrapper so I’m expecting to do a really smart job of these this time around.
Progress has been slow so far, as I’ve been really busy at work and at home but I’ve stripped one down, and sprayed the tip black (as it was originally) and now have to wait 10 days for this to fully cure before I can apply lacquer and carry on with the build. The spray job has come out quite nicely to be honest I’m so really looking forward to finishing it off and seeing if I can create that “as new” finish.

Other than that, house chores are mainly done….so roll on the good weather and regular blog updates full of catch reports!