Saturday, 24 November 2012

November update

Been a little while since my last update and I’ve had mixed success since my last report. First up though is a new rod. Having broken two Megabass rods in the last month, I decided not to risk it for a third time so as a replacement I sourced instead this Graphite Leader beauty from the Art of Fishing….an Angento Nouvo 932m.
I won’t bother writing a full review on it as Henry Gilbey has done a far better job of this than I ever could HERE. Suffice to say the rod is a completely different feel to the Megabass it replaces, it has much faster action and is more steely and robust.  More like a Tenryu than a JDM style but does not feel over-gunned for my fishing like some of the longer Tenryu’s.  Still if you like the Tenryu feel but want something 9ft + and a little lighter than say a Rodbar 270 or Ultimate One then I can highly recommend this baby. One word of warning though, the butt it quite short and some people will not like this so definitely try and pick one up for a waggle first.

On to the recent fishing then, I followed up on the last session in Dorset with another productive one, bagging up on 11 fish again, I tried to add a bit of variety to the lures but ended up with this year’s tops lures doing the damage still and the fish being shared across my Shoreliner Shiner R50+, Savagear Sandeels and the Sammy (now officially my best top water lure).
Since then I’ve struggled with time but managed two short trips to an estuary system which have both resulted in blanks, I wouldn’t mind but my mate has been hammering this mark with up to 15 fish a session, on the last one we stood two yards apart up to our waists in water in he caught 5 whilst I remained fishless…frustrating!!!

Then finally, another trip to Dorset this weekend resulted in a further blank, despite being there for daybreak and perfect conditions I did not see a sign of any fish activity. So that’s three blanks in a row now, never a good sign as the season draws to close, I think it will be very hard going from now on.
Another frustration is a guided boat trip I have had booked since the summer was cancelled (due to bad weather) for the 2nd time last weekend, hopefully I’ll get this in before the end of the year but water temps are dropping fast now unlike this time last year and the end of the season is looming!