Friday, 23 December 2011

Sunday 18th December....not quite over yet!

Well I had pretty much accepted the end of the season, but a mate of mine down in Devon was still catching well so last Sunday we arranged to meet up on his local mark.

Clear water and shelter has been hard to come by of late so it was nice to arrive with the sun setting, the tide steaming through and perfect conditions. Soft plastics were the order of the day, or savagear sandeels to be precise, bounced along the bottom in the current.

Pete was in immediately, with a nice fish of just over 4lb. He then bagged another and lost one more before I finally hit one and after a few good runs I had a nice fish of 3lb 10oz on the shore. My best fish for a few months so I was well happy. The tide had dropped off now and with a leaky pair of waders making fishing pretty chilly I decided to call it a day.

No picture unfortunately as my camera died just as I was trying to take the shot.

Back down for another try in the morning so hopefully a christmas eve bass to report on...that would be something!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

It's looking like that time again....

Well I think it's time to hang up the lure gear for another year, a blank yesterday has sealed it. Living an hour away from the nearest mark, it's getting harder to time my fishing with the few windows in the weather and turning up to find dirty water on the marks I want to fish is getting depressing, I may make it out again but I'm not banking on it.

Still it's been a good season that extended well into November, my last fish was on the 18th when I picked up a couple down in Dorset.

So time to file my end of season report, first up lures. The graph below shows what lures have worked for me, top of the tree are zonks in various guises but the best single lure has been the fabulas komomo II in Joker Flashing Plate. This has been my "after dark" lure. I think it's dark belly and ability to work when retrieved really slowly make it a real killer after dark.

Earlier in the year I put up a graph showing the state of tide I'd been catching on, well the theme of the ebb being better than the flood continued right through the year, although I started to time my trips more to fish the ebb  which is definately better on my ususal marks, so one of next years objectives is to find some productive areas for the flood.

Sub surface hards have done most of the damage this year, another objective for next year, more fish on SP's

So what to do now winter's here? Well's theres plenty of cod coming out of the Bristol Channel, which should be around right through the winter, unlike a lot of areas the BC fishes well pretty much all through winter so there's still plenty of time for me to get on the act and my mountain bike is feeling very neglected so it's definately time to break that out for a few jaunts around the quantocks. MBing is definately a winter sport for me, apart from the fact I prefer fishing in summer mountain biking is about get down and dirty and covered in roll on next weekend.

I'll keep posting up details of any bait trips I have though, just to fill the pages over the winter, Santa's bringing me a new camera, waterproof and shock proof so expect plenty of shots when I get my first cod of 2012!