Wednesday, 15 August 2012

15th August - Update and a nice fish

I've had several trips in the last few weeks, fishing has been fairly slow, with just one or two small fish after dark so nothing really to shout (or write) about.

Still, catching is better than blanking so I won't complain and things picked up a little last Friday evening as the combination of some (warm at last) settled weather and small tides gave me the opportunity to fish one of my favorite spots which for the best part of this year has been too coloured up.

Very calm seas and nice clear water greeted my arrival, and lots of surface activity so things were looking good.

I'm not sure what fish were hitting the surface though, they weren't mackerel or garfish and I had lots of bumps (virtually every cast) without hooking up, my guess is thin lip mullet but they could have something else like herring or scad perhaps...anyway they looked between 0.5lb and 1.5lb and were proving very frustrating so after half an hour or so I stopped trying to catch them, put on a larger lure and started fishing for what might want to eat them!

This was a good call as almost immidiately I had a proper hit and really good fight later put this 63cm (6lbish) bass on the rocks...shortly followed by another smaller one.

Great result and as this is a mark that tends to produce decent fish rather than high numbers I quit whilst I was ahead and enjoyed a nice pint of thatchers in the nearby pub rather than fishing into dark.

Good to get my best fish of the year so far though...oh and test out the new Caldia on a proper fish. Out again this weekend weather permitting so hopefully something else worth reporting!