Friday, 7 December 2012

All over now....

That’s it, I’m done now….my 4th blank in succession last weekend and with no more free weekends between now and Christmas I think that is my season effectively over!
I was sure I was going to catch on Saturday to, I wasn’t too optimistic when I headed down to Dorset on Saturday morning but when I arrived at the mark I saw an unexpectedly large swell rolling in (the costal report said <1m but this was nearer 2m), creating lots of fizz and white water and with the perfect “tinge” to the sea. That coupled with the perfect state of tide had me full of confidence but after three hours of flogging the water for only one touch, no other signs of fish and the best of the tide gone I gave up.

I’m a bit disappointed not to have managed a single fish in November and now it’s looking like a December blank as well, that’s bought a flat and early end to what has otherwise been a pretty decent season for me.
Overall though, I can’t complain too much, I beat my target of 50 fish, caught more fish on surface and soft plastic lures than previous years and had a couple of 5lb + fish so met most of my objectives… my complaint about myself this year is that I wasn’t adventurous enough with my marks and didn’t really fish anywhere new…. So that will be my objective for next year…find and fish at least 5 new spots (or at least put some time into learning spots I have only tried once to twice before). The other negative of the season has been the weather…. Quite simply it has been crap all year and I have never known so much rain and shitty winds…I can’t do anything about that though except keep my fingers crossed for better next summer.

There not much other fishing to look forward now either, the local cod fishing is hard work with very few 3-6lb class fish around, some bigger fish are being caught but naturally those are fairly hard to come by so are going to the dedicated few who really put the hours in. Still, maybe I’ll have a crack for one over xmas.
So that’s it…game over and time to get on out on the Mountain Bike again, I need to regain the fitness I have lost over the last 6 months and shed a couple of pounds to!

End of year stats below….