Wednesday, 4 September 2013

August 2013 - A bit a bait fishing!

I’ve been out and about again this weekend and as the wife and kids were away I got in a couple of trips.

 1st up on Friday evening, more bassing down in Dorset, I ended up with 5 in total which all came through last light and into darkness. Three fell to the trusty savagear eels and 2 on a “Flash Arrow J” which is a fantastic looking lure. They cast really well and look incredibly lifelike in the water. I’m going to be getting some more of these in different colours I think.

On to Saturday then and I thought it was high time I used the Daiwa beachcasters I have eventually finished rebuilding so I headed down to Chesil with a view to bagging a few of the summer species and some flats. I did OK and ended up with Bream, 2 (small) Small Eyed Rays, a Thornback Ray and a Dab amongst some other bits and pieces. It was nice to get out and so a bit of bait fishing for a change, I must get in another go this Autumn as there are lots of sole around the moment so would be nice to catch a few of these.

Here’s a few pics from the weekend….